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Building a better dictator for tomorrow, today

Want to rule your very own country? Of course you don't. That sounds like a lot of work. That's why you should choose someone else to do it.

Your country is in chaos due to a sudden, totally unplanned lack of leadership in your country. Normally someone powerful, persuasive, and sociopathic would assume control and assert their will upon the public, but you and your fellow plebs are having a hard time being dominated by a single strong-willed leader. The only way to restore order is to decide among yourselves who is worthy of becoming the new dictator by pledging loyalty or revolting against those who have put themselves up for public mockery. Smite your enemies and inflate the egos of your allies! It's like real-life politics, only more productive.

Plan Your Path to Irrelevancy...


First, create an account by clicking "Click me to start!" and decide whether to create your own dictatorship or stay as a minion. Assuming you want to be a minion, you can pledge support to your favorite dictatorships and revolt against your least favorite dictatorships. Your fate relies on the passing whims of other power-mongers.


Assuming you want to create a dictatorship, you will answer a string of seemingly endless questions about your political ideologies (this helps weed out the nutjobs). You will upload a picture, pick your mascot, and tell us how obtaining absolute power won't go straight to your head. Go to the Leaderboard to check out the rankings, or go to the vote page to dish out your pledges and revolts.


Choose to attack other dictators to try to reduce their pledges, but be careful not to sabotage yourself in the process. Convince your friends to join, so they can help you rise up the leaderboard. View each others' profile pages and see how truly loathsome and despicable you would be if you obtained even the smallest measure of political power.